Everyone talks about a Resume like it is the only thing that you need, to get a job.  Just prepare a Resume based on something, post it to a job site and magic happens right?  Well not exactly.

Once you post the resume on-line it gets scanned by a machine so see if it passes the “select word” test and if so, then it gets sent on to a Human Resource representative.  If it didn’t pass the scan test then it really did not go anywhere, so all the hours spent writing and rewriting didn’t even get a look.  If it was passed on to the HR Department, they may look at your education or work experience but unless you are really being considered for “the job” the resume doesn’t get much attention.  So how do you get noticed?

The most important document in the job search process is the “application”  Pay attention to what it is asking for.  Take your time to insure that you fill out the application completely and neatly so that it can be easily read.  Listing your military experience on the application as well as on your resume will set you apart.  The individual that does the screening has very little time to spend on each application so the more complete your application is and also having a well written resume attached can set your package apart from others that simply put see attached on the application and attached their resume.  The key to keep in mind is what can you do to separate your package from all of the other applicants?  Attention to detail!!  Read over the application, understand what information it is asking for and then take your time completing it.  Spending the time up front will showcase your attention to detail and your ability to follow through.  Don’t forget to attach a Cover Letter which will introduce you and tell the employer the value that you bring to the company.  The length of the letter should be kept to a half page or less.