So many veterans or transitioning military personnel arrive at a Job Fair, totally unprepared.  They have probably brought some resumes with but have not done their research ahead of time in order to maximize their attendance.

Actions To Take Prior To Attending:

– pull down a list of employers attending and research what product/service they provide.

– check the website to see if the employers have listed the positions they are hiring for

– customize your resumes as a result of this research.

Actions To Take The Day Of The Job Fair

–  Wear appropriate attire and be prepared to be interviewed on the spot

–  Introduce yourself with a smile and firm handshake.  Give them your 30 second elevator pitch.

–  Be sure to take their business card so you have their contact info

Actions To Take After The Job Fair

–  Go back and review the information you gathered and sort it into categories.

–  Prepare a hand-written follow-up note to the person you spoke with in the booth and mail it promptly.


This is just a very condensed overview of actions to take before/during/and after a job fair.  The thing to remember is that you can’t just show up at a Job Fair with some generic resumes to hand out and think that magic happens.  Just like when you were on active duty, you still need to create a plan, execute that plan, and prepare an after action report.  Your mission is finding your next career.  Good Luck