Mobile communcation technology continues to skyrocket.  More than 90% of Americans own wireless phones or tablets.  We are a very mobile society and we seem to communicate nonstop whether that be voice, data, or text.  As technology improves, this expansion will continue to grow.  So what does that mean to you if you are getting ready to retire or separate from the military?  It could mean a new career in the telecommunications industy.  The Department of Labor is projecting that the telecommunications industry will add over 73,000 jobs by 2020.  So what are some of the types of jobs that we are talking about?  Here are a few examples; Premises Technicians, Retail Store Managers, Supply Chain Analysts, Network Engineers, Account Managers, Field Service Tecnician, Clerical Support Personnel, Project Managers, Operations Personnel, Theme Park and Resort Personnel, Programers, and Customer Service Personnel, just to name a few.  The best part about this industry is that these jobs are nationwide which will give you a lot of options as you consider where to locate to upon your retirement or separation.  I recently participated in a job fair at a military base where I met several veterans with IT backgrounds and not one of them had any type of strategy.  They were just walking around hoping to get picked up by a subcontractor that had a contract on the base or get hired back on as a civilian in their previous military unit.  They had no idea how “sought after” they really are by industry for their expertise.  With the proper research you will be able to develop a strategy that will chart your career course in the area of your expertise and interest.  The opportunities within the telecommunication industry are endless and so are the locations of those opportunities.