Military personnel either separating or retiring from the military go through either an ACAP or TAP transition program which talks a lot about getting a job and creating a resume.  There is even the ability of putting your MOS into a computer program and it will print out what the civilian equivalent is.  What each person exiting the military needs to ask themselves is;  Are they looking for a job or a career?  If you have to work for another 20 – 25 years which most will then the meaning of these 2 words is extremely imporant.  A job is defined as “a specific piece of work done for pay”, a career is defined as “a profession or occupation which one trains for and pursues as a lifework which has growth potential”.  Many times a job is a good fit for supplementing another income such as a retirement check when you don’t want to work full time or if you are attending school and schedule wise, a job may offer the flexibility needed to build around a course schedule.  Many jobs are hourly pay which you would need to find out ahead of time, what that hourly pay will be in order to decide if that will meet your financial needs, and how many hours you will be allowed to work in a specific pay period..  A  career often requires some additonal training but is more on a salaried scale which could provide more stability and it is also a chance to really search out what industry are you  interested in/passionate about.  If you will need to work for another 20 plus years it really needs to be something that you choose and is not chosen for you and something that will make you want to jump out of bed each morning and ready to get the day started.  You really can’t take any action about employment until you answer the question of job or career.  Do your research and determine what areas interest you and what type of pay is the norm within those areas and look to see if that will meet your financial needs.  Don’t lock into anything until you know exactly what the pay/hours/benefits are and then you can make a well informed decision that will meet your needs.  The decision is a big one, but by doing your research you are going to be in a much better position than just wandering around websites hoping something will stick.